Monday, January 5, 2009

Trinitarian Marriage

Psalm 115 tells us that we become like whatever it is we are worshipping.  One of the reasons Muslim women are so poorly treated is because of this factor.  The word "muslim" apparently means "submission".  The unitarian Muslim god, Allah, before the creation of the world, was an eternal hermit.  He is the supreme sovereign and therefore the only relationship one can have to him is to submit -- love is not his nature.  The Trinitarian God of the Scripture, on the other hand, existed eternally in three persons with perfect love and communion existing amongst all the members of the Godhead.  Thus, the Bible claims that "God is love."  

In Christian marriage, you tend to see a greater emphasis on mutual submission to God out of love for Him as well as love and respect between partners.  I say tend because in fact a lot of Christian marriages are functionally Muslim in nature.

If we become like whoever or whatever we worship, and if there is something less than pleasing and unChristlike in our conduct and thought life, it is time to do a check for idols in our life...


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