Friday, January 9, 2009

More Changes Coming

So I took the plunge this week and renewed my driver's license and in the process also changed the address from my current home to the one I'll be moving into in several weeks.  I am now officially going by my maiden name and it still feels odd to revert back to signing myself off that way.  My new home will be registered in my old name as is my van, my hydro account and my telephone/internet/cable tv account.  About the last, I was delighted to get an account for all three services from Shaw that works out to be less money than just the phone and internet for Telus.  And no installation fees or charges if they come to my house to fix something!  The postal service has been notified about the change of address and name, my line of credit has been put in my old name, and now I just have to change over some other accounts and payments soon.

I was reading some more of Nora Roberts' books tonight and a recurring theme in many of them is that of an old home being bought and renovated and worked on to a beautiful and charming but homey place of business.  I'm not turning my new home into a commercial venture, but it will be a place of business for me as I intend to have clients into it.  But her book got me thinking about what I want to do there.  I don't have much to do in terms of remodeling.  The only thing that really needs extensive work is the basement.  I plan to put in a bathroom and finish off the one bedroom properly.  On the front of my house I started thinking about what I could do there to make it more attractive and I think some box planters on the front under the kitchen window and a small bed of flowers beneath it will be in order.  I plan to hang a wreath suitable to the season on the front door.  The miniature garden in the back is something I would also like to transform into something that will have flowers and even some veggies growing in the summer.  I want a sort of "zen" like view out the patio doors into a small oasis of charming and peaceful growing things.

I'm looking forward to transforming this place into a nest or garden suitable for growing my own soul and that of my children.  It will be the place where I finally come to terms with and enjoy being on my own.  The anticipation feels quite sweet.

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BellyWoman's Rant said...

I am almost as excited as you are.