Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happiness is...

...Nesting into my own home.  

Things are finally starting to take shape the way I want them to.  I spent the bulk of today working on my bedroom.  This entailed unpacking suitcases and boxes of clothing and stuff and putting it all away.  I only have one box to deal with now, and most of it belongs in the bathroom.  

I have new curtains hung in my bedroom as well.  They are a rich, damask-looking burgundy color that picks up the corded trim and color in my bedspread.  The large round place mats that I am using in place of the more traditional doilies are the same color, so it all ties together nicely.  

I can't believe how happy I am in this new place and how terribly oppressive it was to live in the other.  I have a new lease on life and things are looking decidedly up now.  My kids are doing better, I'm able to be there for them because I don't have this horrendous drive to do any more, I'm cooking meals again, and now leisure time at home has become something actually feasible. I never knew a person could feel this happy or content.

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